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Wednesday in Pratomagno, excursions and trekking

Raggiolo Summer 2021
Hidden In Full View
Loro Ciuffenna (AR)
Adults / child / young / senior

Every Wednesday 16:00 – 21:00 until 22 September

Every Wednesday until 22 September a guided excursion to get to know and experience the Pratomagno mountain. Eighteen events between paths, nature, villages, stories and traditions

Guided trekking itineraries dedicated to the discovery of the peculiar and unprecedented aspects to experience the magic of the Pratomagno mountain. The events are organized by Vagamondo Trekking and are held on Wednesday afternoon until 22 September with the patronage of the municipalities of Castelfranco-Piandiscò, Loro Ciuffenna and Reggello.
These are open-air events and carried out during the week in order to avoid the risk of weekend gatherings to propose safe activities in compliance with the containment rules of Covid-19.
Among the various initiatives, the “walk with the psychologist” is scheduled, where the psychophysical well-being of trekking will be associated with the possibility of expressing the fears, tensions and anxieties experienced in this period through a dialogue led by Dr. Camilla Pellegrini.
During the summer months Vagamondo Trekking will accompany hikers in Pratomagno to discover or rediscover an area that is never predictable, never banal, to be able to appreciate together the beauty of the paths, the summit meadows and the streams close to home with a proximity tourism useful to favor knowledge of the area.
Pratomagno is a mountain that still retains the characteristics of authenticity and industriousness that are a value to be sought, told and supported. Therefore, the treks and paths will be able to have a stop and special attention dedicated to the shops in the hamlets, to the restaurants in the most scenic places and to the accommodation facilities where tastings of mountain bread, cheese from the dairy or farmer’s lunch can be made.
During the excursions there are yoga sessions in the woods, swimming in streams and natural pools or night walks, at sunrise and sunset. Suggestions, emotions and magic to be grasped in 18 events, each different from the other.

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