The pathways - La via di Francesco in Toscana

The pathways

Discovering the Saint Francis’ Path

The Saint Francis Path is an unique experience, where uncontaminated nature, lost in time, gives way to masterpieces giving us unforgettable memories.

The pathways traced by Francesco can be divided into three main routes:

The first, and maybe the most famous one, is the circular route that starts from the Verna Sanctuary, goes through uncontaminated woods and forests, to the Arno River, trails along the right bank of the river, passing through hills and farmland, to the Santa Croce Basilica in Florence, one of the most important in Italy.

Moving southwards, it is possible to go on a discovery of the Valtiberina area in Tuscany, with its immense stretches of woods and fields.  Along its paths, there are numerous retreats and places of worship, which testify the saint’s memory to this day.  There are also places of art, which have given birth to and preserved the legacy of the most renowned artist such as Piero della Francesca and Michelangelo.

Lastly, the last tract of the pathways of Francesco in Tuscany, which goes from Anghiari and the heart of the Valtiberna area, passes through The Valdichiana Aretina, the agricultural heart of the region since ancient times.  It moves towards Cortona and ends at Le Celle, a Franciscan retreat, founded in the thirteenth century by Francesco.  Still today, it is considered a hidden jewel on Mount Sant’Egidio: an ideal place to find serenity and peace.