Territory - La via di Francesco in Toscana


A land immersed in a deep mystical aura, inextricably linked to Saint Francis.

Precisely following his footsteps, the walks are drawn along these Tuscan valleys: Pilgrimage routes that trace a 300km ring embracing Tuscany and Emilia Romagna.

A journey of faith to be experienced in a group, in couples or alone, proceeding in complete autonomy, with itineraries of various lengths and difficulty, where you can enjoy natural, spiritual, and cultural experiences.

Today it is possible to follow the Saint's footsteps from the renowned Santuario della Verna to the Basilica di Santa Croce in Florence, one of the most important Italian Franciscan basilicas. Or visit the Valtibernina Tuscany, which boasts places inextricably linked to the life of Francis like the hermitages of Cerbaiolo and Montecasale, and Montauto Castle.

Cortona, Eremo francescano “Le Celle” un passaggio all’interno del convento ©Fondazione Arezzo In Tour
Anghiari - Veduta sul borgo di Anghiari

In alternative, through the Valdichiana Aretiana, continue till Cortona, another place which Saint Francesco became truly attached to, and where he founded the Eremo Le Celle.

Arezzo is the city of Vasari, Petrarca, Guido d'Arezzo and Pietro della Francesca. From the ruins of the Medici fortress to the Gothic cathedral with is multitude of colours, to the spirituality of the Franciscan Basilica, its history echoes through the city's streets and is reflected in the tower and the palace's stones. A marvellous city, with state of the art constructions and where time flows at a human level, that heals the souls and lets the ingenuity arise.

Arezzo falling in love.