Blog Archivi - La via di Francesco in Toscana
5 August 2021

The pathways

The Saint Francis Path is an unique experience, where uncontaminated nature, lost in time, gives way to masterpieces giving us unforgettable memories. The pathways traced by Francesco can be divided into three main routes: The first, and maybe the most famous one, is the circular route that starts from the […]
6 August 2021

Discovering the Saint Francis’ Path

The Saint Francis Path in Tuscany is a system of routes, paths and ways which are up to 300km long.  Starting from the Arezzo province, they extend to nearby regions. A network of paths, some of which still to be discovered, which pass through valleys and hills and connect the […]
24 September 2021

Santuario della Verna

Written by Sandy Brown As our small group of Way of St Francis pilgrims climbs on shaded pathways up through the fairytale forests of Monte Penna to Santuario della Verna our hearts are beating rapidly. It’s not so much the exertion, which is substantial, but the anticipation. We come to […]
24 September 2021

Casentinese Park

Written by Sandy Brown I’m standing at the counter of the wood-panelled pasticceria in the hamlet of Camaldoli, a village tucked under a blanket of green leaves, high above Arezzo in the mountains of the Parco Foreste Casentinese, and here I see the object of my desire. It’s a heaping […]