The ways of Francesco in Tuscany - where art, nature and emotions meet

On the way to discover the places tied to the Life of Francis of Assisi in Tuscany.

The Ways of Francis in Tuscany has become an exciting crossroads of art, freedom, and nature. The ideal place to restart physically and spiritually, after such a difficult year, with new-found energy to tackle such a changed world. Three options, three possibilities to visit the places associated with Francesco in Tuscany and to make the best of a truly complete experience.

The Ways of Francis

Following Francis's footsteps through the Tuscan valleys for a physical and spiritual itinerary which allows you to explore the pilgrimage paths tracing a circular 300km route that embraces Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. A journey of faith to be experienced in a group, in couples or alone, proceeding in complete autonomy, with itineraries of various lengths and difficulty, where you can enjoy natural, spiritual, and cultural experiences.